Savage Henry Films is a full service Houston, Texas based video production company.

We are devoted to producing cutting edge visual media. We are committed to working closely with our clients to deliver high quality work within their budget & timeline.  We utilize the latest in technology to provide beautiful imagery, but more importantly we have a talented team behind the camera to leverage these tools. 

What We Do:

We produce, direct, and provide post-production services for broadcast and web videos. We collaborate closely with our clients throughout the entire process: from scripting & casting during the initial phase of pre-production, to a day shooting on-set with our talented crew during production, and finally meticulous color correction, and sound mixing once the edit is complete, with final delivery in the highest quality professional formats. 

Why Do You Need Video for your business? 

In the internet age video has become the strongest medium to engage your customers, build brand loyalty, and increase your social media reach & SEO. 

Why hire Savage Henry Films?

Because Savage Henry Films understands that every business or product is unique. We will take the time to walk you through every facet of production, and help to grow your brand with powerful imagery to captivate your target audience. Whether you need a commercial for television broadcast, home page video to break down the mission statement of your company, or demo video to launch an innovative new product; Savage Henry Films is a one-stop-shop for all of your video production needs. 


                       View our latest reels below and see some of the past work delivered by Savage Henry Films. 

Need an estimate for an explainer video, or commercial for your business? Please fill out this contact form below and Savage Henry Films will respond within 24 hours. 


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