I am terrible at keeping up with blog posts...

...since we're usually busy on set, and if we're not on set we're in the edit. So forgive the long absence of posting, I promise you we have been anything but complacent. Here's a few things that we've been working on:

Halliburton: Voice of the Oilfield is a low budget spot that we made with a tiny crew and a short turnaround. It was produced/written/directed by Imaging Studios and shot/edited/color by Savage Henry Films. It was great fun to get to bring our set of Lomo anamorphics to bring a more interesting look onto a corporate production. 

Also you can view this piece for ESPN OTL in which Savage Henry Films shot much of the wrestling b-roll.

And then since we're a bit late with the update this year...the 2017 Savage Henry Films reels: