Upcoming short for Crypt TV

Nothing is worse than pulling a night shoot right in the middle of the week of day shoots....well perhaps a night shoot, during a week of day shoots, in Houston's 200% summer humidity. BUT sometimes those projects end up being worth it. 

About a week ago, Savage Henry Films was commissioned to produce a :60 short film, based on the nightmare of an interview subject for the horror platform Crypt TV. We managed to pull nearly everything together at the last minute and shot in an old barn provided courtesy of Texas Chance Productions.

The crew and our equipment endured the humidity (It was one of those Texas two-shirt-nights), and our short schedule and made what I think is a creepy lil' short that I like to call "Black Paternoster". Below are some screengrabs from our shoot to tide you over until it's live over at Crypt TV

In completely unrelated news if anyone wants to purchase a gently used coffin....I know a guy, who knows a guy.