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Here at Savage Henry Films we've been hard at work on set with a ton of projects that are in various stages of production at the moment. However there are a couple that we're able to share:

Chefsfeed: Family Meal

Produced/Directed/Edited by Chefsfeed - Shot by Savage Henry Films

Our crew has worked together with Chefsfeed for a few of their Houston based shoots and we were lucky to have Chef Hugo Ortega to allow the team into the busy kitchen of his restaurant Caracol to profile their family meal. We were blown away by the amount of effort and teamwork that goes on behind the scenes in this kitchen where every delicious dish is prepared with such great care.

I Write: I Guy Journal Program

Produced/Directed/Edited/Animated by Midnight Run Productions Shot/Color Correct by Savage Henry Films. 

Savage Henry Films partnered with Midnight Run Productions to put together this short spot for an important and growing Houston area non-profit. We had a great time working with the kids, and hope this helps spread a love of writing to spark the imagination of the kids using their I Guy journals.