Camera Packages


RED Dragon X- PL/EF

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro - PL/EF

Blackmagic Pocket 4K M43/PL/EF

Alexa Mini or Amira available by sub rental


                                                                     Sony Cinealta PL lens T2 set (20, 25, 35, 50, 85, 135)

                                                                     RED Pro 17-50 PL T2.9, 50-150 T2.9 PL

                                                              Atlas Anamorphic “A” T2 set (40, 65, 100) in PL or EF mount

Camera Support & Accessories


                                                                    O’Connor 1030HD fluid head with two stage CF sticks (100mm bowl)

Sachtler Video 18P fluid head with two stage CF sticks (100mm bowl)

Sachtler Cine 30 fluid head with two stage CF sticks (150mm bowl)

Hi-Hat (150mm or 100mm)

                                                                     Dana Dolly kit with low boy stands & 4/6' speed rail

                                                                     Seven XL jib arm with rolling tripod

                                                                     MOVI Pro package & support for single or dual operator

                                                                     Small HD 702 Bright / TV Logic 058W monitors / OSEE 21" client monitor / Teradek BOLT 300 wireless video

                                                                     Bright Tangerine Matte Boxes & filters

                                                                     Anton Bauer Gold Mount battery packages




HMI: Arri 4k HMI par, Arrisun 12 PLUS (2), Joker 800 w/ joleko attachment

LED: Arri Skypanel S60, Litepanels Gemini 2x1, Litepanels Gemini 1x1, Litepanels Astra set 1x1 bi-color (2), 6x daylight (1) with chimeras. 

KINO FLO: Celeb 201, (2) Diva 201, Tegra & Select 4x4, 12" Car Kit

MISC LED: Litepanels daylight fresnels, Rosco Litepads

TUNGSTEN: Mole 1k Baby (4), Strand 1K Par, Mole 650w (2), Arri 650w (2), Mole Inkie 200w (4), 750w Source 4 (3)

MISC: (2) 24" Lantern Lock China Ball, 750w Source 4 26º

1/2 ton grip package


Stands: 8 C-stands with arms, 3 matthews steel double riser baby stands, 1 matthews small steep triple riser stands, (2) American Grip steel combo stands, (3) Matthews aluminum combo stands

Clamps: Cartellini, Mafer, Studded C Clamps, Pipe Clamps

4x4: Ultrabounce Floppy, Frame w/ 216/250/opal, China silk, 1/4 silk, (4) floppies, (1) white/silver poly

6x6 frame with ultrabounce, full silk, 1/2 stop silk

8x8 frame with full grid, 1/2 grid, 1/4 grid, magic cloth

12x12 frame with full grid cloth, 1/2 grid, unbleached muslin, highlight, chroma key

20x20 solid, chroma key

Apples: (2) sets of nesting appleboxes, 2 sets of OG appleboxes

Set of grip clips (10)

Bags: 6x 35lb, 10x 25 lb

Honda EU200i generator, Honda EU7000is generator