Camera Packages


Arri Alexa Mini - PL/EF

RED Scarlet W - PL/EF

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro - PL/EF

Canon C300MII PL/EF

Sony FS7 PL/EF


                                                                     Sony Cinealta PL lens T2 set (20, 25, 35, 50, 85, 135)

                                                                     RED Pro 17-50 PL T2.9, 50-150 T2.9 PL

                                                                     Lomo Anamorphic Round Fronts (available as wet hire only)

                                                                     Atlas Anamorphic 40/65/100 (coming soon)

                                                                     Canon 24-70 / 70-200 EF zooms

Camera Support & Accessories


                                                                    Sachtler Video 18P fluid head with two stage sticks

                                                                     Dana Dolly kit with low boy stands & 4/6' speed rail

                                                                     Seven XL jib arm with rolling tripod

                                                                     MOVI Pro package & support for single or dual operator

                                                                     Small HD 729 Bright / TV Logic 058W monitors / OSEE 15" client monitor / Teradek BOLT 300 wireless video

                                                                     Bright Tangerine Matte Boxes & filters

                                                                     Anton Bauer Gold Mount battery packages




HMI: Arri 4k HMI par, Arrisun 12 PLUS, Arrisun 12 (converted), Cinemills 1200w PAR

LED: Arri Skypanel S60, Litepanels Gemini 2x1, Litepanels Astra set 1x1 bi-color (2), 6x daylight (1) with chimeras. 

KINO FLO: Celeb 201, (2) Diva 201, Tegra & Select 4x4, 12" Car Kit

MISC LED: Mole / Visionsmith 2K Daylight LED, Rosco Litepads

TUNGSTEN: Mole 1k Baby (4), Strand 1K Par, Mole 650w (2), Arri 650w (2), Mole Inkie 200w (4), 750w Source 4 (3)

MISC: (2) 24" Lantern Lock China Ball, 750w Source 4 26º

1 ton grip package


Stands: 7 C-stands with arms, 2 matthews steel double riser baby stands, 1 matthews small steep triple riser stands, (2) wheeled American Grip combo stands with junior receiver & baby pin.

Clamps: (4) Cartellini, (4) mafer, 

4x4: opal frame, full silk, 1/2 silk, (4) floppies, (1) white/silver bounce

6x6 frame with ultrabounce, full silk, half stop silk

12x12 frame with full grid cloth

Apples: (2) sets of nesting appleboxes

Set of grip clips (10)

Bags: 10x 25 lb

Honda EU200i generator