Savage Henry Films is a Houston-based Video Production Company

After producing, shooting, and editing moving images for a variety of clients, Rob Neilson founded Savage Henry Films with the goal of providing top of the line productions at an affordable cost.

Savage Henry Films is unlike those other bloated production companies, whose exorbitant rates justify the overhead of high-salaried employees, and vast empty studio space. As the saying goes "It's not the arrow, it's the Indian that shoots it;"  Savage Henry Films has partnered with a range of highly talented creatives. This allows us to streamline our productions, and utilize the latest and greatest technology to provide our clients with cutting-edge images as well as saving them precious time and money.

Why hire Savage Henry Films?

Because we understand that every project is unique, and we will walk you through all aspects of production. Our experienced, and professional crew we will set the highest possible goals for your vision, with personal service and attention to detail.  

Savage Henry Films can produce video in whichever genre of video your business requires: 

 Broadcast, Web Commercials, and Branded Content


Corporate Videos (About us/Marketing/Safety/Training)