Houston's Video Production Packages


Savage Henry Films offers a wide array of video production services for the greater Houston area and beyond!  

Whether you need a video to outline the mission of your non-profit, a commercial to showcase your business, or an instructional video to feature your product, Savage Henry Films is your one-stop-shop for your production.

Commercial Production Packages

From the inception of your idea, through to the "Martini-shot" Savage Henry Films has worked with a businesses of all sizes and industries to communicate their specific vision to their target audience. Do you only need an edit tweaked? Our edit team is on it? Do you want a script written, storyboards illustrated, and our team to lead you from production to post? Savage Henry Films can scale our productions to fit within any budgetary goal, whether your project has a million dollar budget...or a bit less. We will scale your production to ensure that your money remains "on-screen". 

Pre-Production Video Services

Savage Henry Films will work with you to write scripts, and take charge of location scouting, budgeting, logistics, and the casting process. 

Video Production Packages

We offer full and half day rates for our crew and production packages, for video of varied scopes and budgets. 

Whether you need a full scale crew, with makeup, a video village, and (everyone's favorite) a huge craft-services tables, or if you need something smaller, with just the key production players on-site; Savage Henry Films will shepherd your project whether we are shooting on location in your office, or a sound stage.

Post Production Video Process

Savage Henry Films utilizes the Adobe Creative Suite for much of our post-production process, but we also have AVID Media Composer, and Final Cut Studio capability if your project demands it. 

We meticulously color grade all of our footage in Davinci Resolve, and create our motion graphics and composites in Cinema 4D, and After Effects CC. 

Customer Service

At Savage Henry Films, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients. With our dedicated team, your project is our highest priority and we won't rest until we are sure that you are satisfied with every aspect of the video making process.